Discover Hit Music Inc. features great Top 40 & Pop based songs written by signed as well as indie bands and artists.

DHM genres - Acoustic, Adult, Alternative, Hip Hop, Pop and Rock, are comprised of mainstream, radio ready songs, with the potential to climb the music charts.

For the past three years, Discover Hit Music has listened to over 100,000 tracks from musicians all over the world. Thousands of songs have been showcased (at no cost to the artist), that exemplify great songwriting, musicianship, lyrics and production.

DHM has also interviewed Grammy and Emmy nominees, multi-platinum Producers, Engineers, Singers and Songwriters. (Prior to DHM - Bon Jovi, Kiss, Stone Temple Pilots and many more.)

The team at Discover Hit Music share a deep passion for music and are versed in songwriting, recording, mixing, production, the music industry & promotion.

Thanks for tuning in.